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Commercialization of Emergent Nanomanufacturing Platforms: Establishing Synergies and Roadmaps

A critical dimension of nanomanufacturing is how to address the numerous technological, economic, and regulatory challenges for scaling nanoscience developments in the research laboratory into commercializable, valueadded market products. Various approaches have proven effective in fostering such transitions, including corporate and venture investments, industry consortia collaborations, ...

New Challenges Face Nanotechnology Investments to Simultaneously Stimulate Research and Innovation

At a time when both public and private stakeholders are evaluating the impact of the last decades' investments in nanotechnology research and development, numerous indicators provide a positive outlook for both short and long term strategies for future investments. The indicators and data providing a positive outlook for increased future opportunities are predominantly derived from the recent ...

PCAST Recommendations Set the Stage for a National Nanomanufacturing Roadmap for the Next Decade

The recent Report to the President and Congress on the Third Assessment of the National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI) included several key recommendations that will lay the groundwork for establishing a National Nanomanufacturing Roadmap. Also: University of California, San Francisco Publishes Draft Nanotechnology Regulatory Policy Recommendations; New England Nanomanufacturing ...


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Ammar Jangbarwala

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