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Nanomanufacturing: Emergence and Implications for U.S. Competitiveness, the Environment, and Human Health

The forum's participants described nanomanufacturing as a future megatrend that will potentially match or surpass the digital revolution's effect on society and the economy. They anticipated further scientific breakthroughs that will fuel new engineering developments; continued movement into the manufacturing sector; and more intense international competition. Although limited data on ...

New Challenges Face Nanotechnology Investments to Simultaneously Stimulate Research and Innovation

At a time when both public and private stakeholders are evaluating the impact of the last decades' investments in nanotechnology research and development, numerous indicators provide a positive outlook for both short and long term strategies for future investments. The indicators and data providing a positive outlook for increased future opportunities are predominantly derived from the recent ...


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Colorado Nanotechnology Alliance

Colorado Nanotechnology Alliance

The Colorado Nanotechnology Alliance is not-for-profit economic development organization governed by a strong board of directors whose core represents nanotechnology companies in the state. The Alliance provides a common, cohesive and unified voice on behalf of nanotechnology. It serves as the catalyst organization to connect, coordinate, facilitate, promote, educate, and unify industry, ...

Nano/Bio Interface Center

Nano/Bio Interface Center

University of Pennsylvania
The Nanoprobe Network a free, non-profit, web-based community for scanning probe microscopy scientists, researchers, educators, and students in industry, academia, and research labs around the world. Our goal is to provide an interactive web space for the exchange of information, ideas, techniques, protocols, images, software, and discussions.