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Directed Self Assembly Brief: Deterministic Field Assisted Assembly

Jan. 2010- This article represents the first in a series of briefs on the directed self assembly of nanostructures. Directed assembly can be expressed in the guided synthetic, stereochemical, and 3D configurational control of complex molecules, such as the rhibosome-assisted assembly of proteins. For these types of reactions, the final placement of these complex materials may not be controlled. ...

Self-Assembled Polymer Templates for Device Applications: High-Rate and Low-Cost for Roll-to-Roll Processing

Jul. 2009- NSF Center for Hierarchical Manufacturing, University of Massachusetts AmherstThe rapid generation of highly-ordered arrays of nanoscopic elements with periodicities of <30 nm render the self-assembly of block copolymers (BCPs) ideal scaffolds and templates for nanofabrication. However, several crucial limitations to enable a broad-based adaptation of BCPs in nanomanufacturing must be ...

Novel Nanostructured Microbattery Fabrication Technique

Sep. 2008- Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Researchers have developed a novel technique to create nanostructured microbattery anodes.