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Assessment of Dip Pen Nanolithography Processes for Nanomanufacturing Platforms

Aug. 2011- Dip pen nanolithography (DPN) has emerged as a versatile nanofabrication tool enabling the synthesis of nanoscale features via mass or energy transfer from an atomically sharp, inked tip to a substrate surface. Recently, Saha and Culpepper utilized DPN as a case study to evaluate and characterize key tip-based processes for nanomanufacturing, and subsequently how the process characterization can ...

NanoBusiness Alliance Interview with James M. Hussey

Oct. 2010- In October, the NanoBusiness Alliance talked to James M. Hussey, Chief Executive Officer and member of the Board of Directors of NanoInk, Inc. Mr. Hussey brings 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry as executive, founder, investor, and consultant to senior management and boards of directors. Prior to joining NanoInk, Mr. Hussey was with Ovation Pharmaceuticals, ...


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James M. Hussey

James M. Hussey

NanoInk, Inc.
Illinois Science + Technology Park