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Seven Words of Advice for EPA Chief Gina McCarthy

Mar. 2013- A little wisdom to help develop a partnership between the new EPA and the nanotechnology community.Gina McCarthy's nomination to head the Environmental Protection Agency probably won't have been Senate confirmed before this article goes to press, but I don't think I'm going too far out on a limb to say, "Welcome… and may I have a moment of your time?"

Where Nanotechnology is Going in 2013

Feb. 2013- Simply smart solutions to a complex world of challengesEach New Year is the start of another journey, isn’t it?  As 2013 begins, I’m seeing a converging path, one where innovation meets advanced manufacturing meets environmentalism.  Best of all, it’s leading across a wide open landscape of a growing economy.  Let’s take the indicators one by one.

The Americanization of Nanomanufacturing

Nov. 2012- How re-shoring production back to the U.S. may help protect your intellectual property.No one is content with current state of the U.S. economy, but there is a bright spot we shouldn't miss: U.S. manufacturing is gaining strength and companies are re-shoring their production.  Here are just a couple of data points to set the stage -- taken from the pages of IndustryWeek. 

Five Steps to Next-Level Nanotechnology

Jul. 2012- Do you know what it takes to get to the top? In the beginning there was nanotechnology – a brand new field of research for a small cadre of scientists.  I feel fortunate that I was one of those early researchers.  I feel even more fortunate that I played a part in transforming nanotechnology from a word that drew blank stares into an everyday solution in thousands and thousands of ...

The Nano-economy: Time to Reap the Rewards

Jan. 2012- 20+ years of planting seeds -- now a crop of jobs is ready.In a recent speech I made to business leaders in Boston, I explained that perched atop 26 years of experiences I've stacked up in nanobusiness, I have a pretty good view to the horizon. You know what I see?  Decades of investment by government and the private sector have grown into a field of economic opportunity, now ripe with ...

Nanotechnology, the U.S. Economy And You

Oct. 2011- The nanotech world goes commercial and you're at the epicenter.I witnessed an American revolution catch fire in Boston, and I feel like a latter-day Paul Revere. "The nanotech economy is coming, the nanotech economy is coming!" and that's good news for the U.S.—and you—because we're at the epicenter.The scene of the revolution I'm talking about was the ...

An Interview with Scott Rickert

Mar. 2010- Dr. Scott Rickert—President, Co-founder, and CEO of Nanofilm —is one of the the top leaders of the Nanotechnology Community today. He was responsible for the original concepts that launched Nanofilm into the nanotechnology arena; was instrumental in the development of the company's first coating called "Clarity"; and continues to set the vision for the company's ...


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Scott E. Rickert

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