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PhD Students for Nanoscience in Energy Technology & Sustainability specialized in Carbon Nanofluidics

Written by Hyung Gyu Park
March 07, 2011

Carbon Nanofluidics is discipline that grows rapidly nowadays. It studies unique nanoscale phenomena of molecular mass transport under sub-10-nanometer channels. We focus on fundamental nanoscience based on carbon nanomaterials for energy and clean technology applications such as solar energy harvesting, fuel cells, batteries and water desalination/treatment. By employing multiscale nano-micro-manufacturing techniques, we will make functional devices with nanomaterials and use the platform to explore the basic nanoscience and to apply the obtained knowledge to important areas of energy and clean technologies. Different areas of research based on common platforms will enable multiple Ph.D. students to collaborate one another for their own independent research topic.

Examples of detailed task include:
  • Carbon Nanomaterial Synthesis (carbon nanotube and graphene) & Characterization
  • Novel device design
  • Multiscale nano-micro-manufacturing with nanomaterials
  • Experimental study of nanoscience
  • Publish the acquired knowledge
We encourage applicants who are interested in this exciting opportunity of pursuing Nanoscience for  Energy & Clean Technologies to send their CV and short Statement of Research (maximum 3 pages) to the contact email below.

Education & Details:

Students having Master or Diploma degree, or students who satisfy the requirement pursuing a Ph.D. study in ETH Zurich. Highly self-motivated candidates with enthusiasm in nanoscience and energy & environment are welcomed. Background knowledge in microfabrication, chemistry, chemical engineering and mechanical engineering, or multiple of them, is a bonus. Students from all science and engineering disciplines will be considered equally. As an ETH custom, PhD degree of Science and Engineering will be given without specific discipline or department.

Entrance Upon:

Immediate hire or by agreement.

Duration of Appointment:

Contract may be renewed on a yearly basis up to completion of PhD thesis.


Interested candidates can directly contact to Prof. Hyung Gyu Park at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .
Last updated: March 07, 2011

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