Dr. Ajay Malshe

Founder, Executive VP and Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Ajay Malshe calls himself a "Profeneur" (Professor plus Entrepreneur), 21st Century Knowledge-Age Inventors and Industrialists.

He is the Founder, Executive VP and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of NanoMech (www.nanomech.biz). NanoMech Inc. is a nanotechnology platform innovations company with nanomanufacturing factory and products in four green application sectors. NanoMech associates ThinkSmall™ to deliver big product innovations. Company's award winning innovations in critical application sectors are making a difference to improve quality of life. NanoMech was founded in 2002 and today the company has delivered to the world breakthrough nano innovations in machining and manufacturing, lubrication and energy, packaging for fresh produce supply chain, biomedical implant coatings and strategic military applications. NanoMech invests in world class people, ideas and tools to increase competitiveness in the global market. Company brings ideas from innovation to implementation, introducing nanomanufactured product platforms to market- Machining (ex. TuffTek®) and Lubrication (NanoGlideTM), Sustainable and Biocide Additives (nGuardTM) and Functional Nanopowders (ElementXTM).

Nanomanufacturing is already a huge market and is anticipated to continue to grow rapidly. A recent Lux Research study predicts that nanomanufactured goods will grow from $147 billion in 2007 to $3.1 trillion in 2015. Clearly no single company is going to compete across the entire breadth of this market. However, NanoMech has focused on platform nanomaterials and platform manufacturing technologies that offer a broad range of high value market opportunities. The vision of NanoMech is to be the world leader in nanomanufacturing innovation and product development with an emphasis on platform technologies that are scalable for efficient mass production.

Malshe as an inventor has received 31 awards/recognitions, including Fellowship of American Society of Mechanical Engineering (ASME), voted in NanoBusiness Alliances Selected Most Influential Nanotechnology Leaders of 2010, nomination in Marquis Who's Who in America (2009; 63rd Edition) and 2005 Frost and Sullivan Technology Excellence Award for research, education and service achievements (1996-2008). Also, he is a Fellow of Institute of Physics, London, UK. He has authored over 200 plus peer reviewed publications, 13 books and book chapters, and holds 10 patents. He has an extensive track record of global collaborations with academic institutions and companies from Australia, Japan, India, Germany, Ireland, etc. He is a member of professional societies such as ASME, SME, IEEE, MRS, ASEE and IMAPS. At NanoMech he is directing a team of world-class scientists and engineers.
He is also 21st Century Endowed Chair Professor of Materials, Manufacturing Processes and Integrated Systems at the Department of Mechanical Engineering and adjunct-faculty of Microelectronics and Photonics Program at the University of Arkansas. He is the Director of the Materials and Manufacturing Research Laboratories (MMRL; a cluster of 5 laboratories). Malshe has multidisciplinary research programs in the fields of nanomanufacturing, IC, MEMS and micro and nano device packaging and integration, and surface engineering for advanced machining. He has graduated over 45 graduate students (PhD/MS), trained numerous post-doctoral fellows, and provided research experience to several undergraduate and high school students. His graduates work at leading organizations, such as IBM at Almaden, University of Florida, Qualcomm Technology, Texas Instruments, etc.