Harry Steinman

Author of Little Deadly Things

Science fiction meets science fact in Boston as local author Harry Steinman’s novel, Little Deadly Things, will debut at the opening reception of NanoBusiness Conference and Nanomanufacturing Summit, Tuesday, September 4, 2012, at the Seaport Hotel.

Little Deadly Things is a thriller wrapped loosely around developments in the world of nanotechnology including smart textiles, remediation, dialysis, the synthesis of medicines and military applications such as armor and invisibility. “I have to confess that I cheated,” the author said in a recent interview. “I used technology that is already in use or is on the drawing boards to give my novel a futuristic feel. My early readers thought that the technology was too advanced to be set just a few years in the future. That proved to be an unexpected challenge in writing the book.”

The action in Little Deadly Things moves from Boston to Bulgaria, from Los Angeles to a rainforest in Puerto Rico. Young Eva Rozen witnesses her sister's brutal murder, and barely escapes with her life. She survives by finding refuge from madness in the orderly world of science. Twenty-five years later, this master of nanotechnology is on her way to becoming the world's richest woman... and the most dangerous.

“The book is not a diatribe on the perils of science, but poses the question, What happens when a scientist that controls life-saving technology has a breakdown? Little Deadly Things is the place where science meets the psyche, the intersection of cutting-edge technology and age-old emotions,” Steinman added.

Harry Steinman’s journey to publishing is decidedly eclectic. His life experience includes stints as a box boy in a toilet paper factory, security guard, hippie commune leader, recruiter in a toy factory, substitute math teacher, accountant,  New Age religious community troublemaker, headhunter, and dog trainer—the textbook background of a novelist. Today, Harry works as a life insurance salesman while writing All Dead Generations, the sequel to Little Deadly Things.

The author will be on hand during the Nanomanufacturing Summit to autograph copies of the novel. Steinman is donating a portion of the proceeds of book sales to fund a scholarship for teenaged writers at Grubstreet.org, a Boston writers organization.

For more information about Little Deadly Things and to read an excerpt, please visit www.littledeadlythings.com