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TDA Research

TDA Research

TDA Research, Inc. was founded in 1987 and is located in Wheat Ridge and Golden, CO. TDA’s staff of 84 develops catalysts and sorbents, advanced materials and components. Our development work is primarily supported by government R&D contracts. TDA retains the intellectual property developed under these contracts, and works in partnership with larger manufacturing companies to bring our products to market. Over several years, in partnership with major companies which are leaders in their fields, we have successfully commercialized the large-scale manufacture of fullerenes, the Direct Oxidation process to remove and recover sulfur from natural gas. Additionally we manufacture multi-ton quantities of sulfur sorbents, as well as specialty chemicals including conducting polymers and fullerene derivatives.

TDA Research
12345 West 52nd Avenue
Wheat Ridge, CO
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(303) 422-7819