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NanoTech Egypt

NanoTech Egypt

NanoTech Egypt sells different nanomaterials of different sizes and shapes, dispersion of nanomaterials in any type of polymer such as PVP, PVA, PEG, PMMA, and Conducting polymer, .... etc.

NanoTech Egypt does not only produce nanomaterials but also offer consulting, continuous advising and training to our customers on the uses and applications of our nanocomposites.

NanoTech Egypt can organize a training workshops, courses, and conferences in the field of nanotechnology, in which the most common and high qualified scientists in this field are invited to give a talks and transfer the technologies and what is a new in the field of nanotechnology from devices and techniques.

NanoTech Egypt can introduce the diagnostic, Measurement and analysis for any samples for every researcher either in Egypt or in the whole of the world. Where NanoTech Egypt is supported by the microscopy facility.

NanoTech Egypt
6th of October City, Egypt
(+202) 38581 440


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