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Magnolia Solar, Inc.

Magnolia Solar, Inc.

Magnolia Solar, Inc. strives to develop and produce low cost, high efficiency, thin film solar cell modules. Our goal is to make strong impact towards green technology.

Magnolia´s thin film solar cells offer - substantially lower cost than crystalline solar cells, use less expensive materials, significant gains in efficiency vs. other thin film cells and modules by application of proprietary nano/micro technologies; and, has the potential for lowest cost/watt solar technology.

At Magnolia Solar, Inc. our main priority is to provide customers and business partners with unparalleled R & D, product development, manufacturing strategy and new generation products in solar cell industry. Our solar cell solutions address three primary goals:

- Efficiency - Magnolia employs multiple approaches using nano/micro materials processes and a proprietary composite design to a broader spectrum of light energy.

- Cost - Unlike high cost multi-layer triple junction solar cell design, Magnolia technology uses a proprietary inexpensive materials and process to reduce cost per unit power.

- Manufacturing - Our solutions are developed to enable scalable manufacturing strategy at lower cost per unit.

Magnolia Solar, Inc.
54 Cummings Park
Suite 316
Woburn, MA
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