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Nanomaterials, Nanomanufacturing, and Nanodevice (n3) Laboratory

Nanomaterials, Nanomanufacturing, and Nanodevice (n3) Laboratory

We are interested in the areas of micro and nano-manufacturing, functional nanomaterials, and device design and fabrication for micro/nanosystems. Individual nanomaterials exhibit superior electronic, mechanical, and optical properties compared to their bulk counterpart, but when assembled into a device or system, their salient features are often compromised due to the lack of a suitable fabrication process. One of our research foci is to develop scalable nanomanufacturing technology to place nanomaterials, especially 1D nanomaterials (e.g. nanotubes and nanowires), into desired locations with high precision and alignment and without sacrificing their intrinsic properties. We are also interested in developing low-cost, large-area fabrication techology for a periodic array of nanodots and vertically-aligned nanowires directed integrated onto substrates. To achieve these goals, we employ hybrid approaches using top-down and bottom-up methods.

With these assembled nanomaterials as building blocks and by scalable nanomanufacturing technology, we are looking to construct multifunctional devices and systems with efficient energy conversion, chemical/biological separation and detection, and environmental monitoring. Examples of the devices we are interested in building are (i) highly sensitive and selective gas sensor systems for explosives, toxic industrial compounds, volatile organics, and breath biomarkers, (ii) small-scale energy harvesting and storage devices, (iii) separation systems for gases and water, and (iv) opto-electronic devices.

Nanomaterials, Nanomanufacturing, and Nanodevice (n3) Laboratory
Michigan State University
428 S. Shaw Lane
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East Lansing, MI
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Dr. Junghoon Yeom