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Nanofilm Introduces Clarity AR Lens Cleaner for Anti-Reflective Superhydrophobic Lenses

Written by: 
Lynn Lilly, Director of Communication, PEN Inc.

The popularity of anti-reflective superhydrophobic lenses has shown significant growth in recent years because of the many benefits to wearers. The one drawback for many patients is the difficulty in cleaning these high-tech lenses. New Nanofilm CLARITY® AR lens cleaner was developed specifically for anti-reflective superhydrophobic lenses. It wets the surface better than traditional cleaners to lift soils and grease. The result is a haze-free, streak-free lens.

"Nanofilm has more than 30 years of experience developing lens coatings and cleaners," notes Rex Talbott, Nanofilm's Director-Optical Products. "CLARITY® AR is a next-generation cleaner developed for today's advanced coatings and lenses."

CLARITY® AR improves cleaning two ways

Liquids, like ordinary lens cleaners, bead up on moisture-repellent superhydrophobic and hydrophobic coatings. Even wiping with a cloth may not spread the liquid completely, leaving areas soiled, uncleaned and hazy. Nanofilm chemists carefully selected a blend of surfactant wetting agents for the CLARITY® AR formulation, to overcome the moisture repellency and "wet out" for better cleaning.

CLARITY® AR also removes dirt, fingerprints and other soils on superhydrophobics better than other cleaners. Soils -- which are often oily, like fingerprints -- resist removal by liquids. Oil and water don't mix, as the saying goes. In CLARITY® AR Nanofilm chemists have developed a blend of specially selected surfactants to better bond to, break up, emulsify and lift soils off the lens and into the liquid. The dirt remains held in suspension, so it's easily wiped away without being re-deposited.

Proven safe and effective

Standard industry testing shows no lens cleaner is more effective or safe than Clarity AR. In addition, Nanofilm laboratories perform a series of rigorous, additional tests to assure the highest level of effective cleaning. Cleaning strength is tested against a proprietary blend of soil that mimics common real-world soils, including difficult-to-remove substances like body oils, mascara and hair gel. In addition, CLARITY® AR is pH neutral, very close to water, and silicone free to assure that it's safe for all lenses and coatings.

Available in multiple product formats

CLARITY® AR liquid lens cleaner spray is available in several sizes of larger and smaller, convenient on-the-go bottles, as well as gel and foamer formats. It's also available as lens cleaner towelettes in a 30-pack box or bulk boxes of 100 tri-strips and 500 tri-strips. The CLARITY® AR Standard Kit includes a 1-ounce spray, 3 towelettes and a microfiber cloth in a see-through case. Personalization is available on most products. For office or behind-the-counter use, there is a 2.5 gallon cubitainer with three 6-ounce refillable spray bottles.

"By recommending CLARITY® AR lens cleaner, eyecare professionals know customers will enjoy the maximum benefit from their anti-reflective superhydrophobic lenses," said Talbott. "They'll be easy to clean, haze-free, and offer a pristine view."

More information on Clarity AR can be found at, including ordering information and a technical paper, The Advanced Cleaning Science for AR and Superhydrophobic Lenses.

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