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Talga Resources

Talga Resources

Talga Resources Ltd (ASX:TLG) is a technology materials company with a unique, simple and cost-effective process to liberate graphene and nanographite directly from our large, high-quality ore deposits in nothern Sweden. By solving the cost and volume issues that have previously stymied commercialisation. Talga intends to enable widespread adoption of nanographitic carbons into current markets worth over $700Bn.

Talga is a Perth, Western Australia, based company with mineral source assets in Sweden, plus patent-pending mining and processing technology and pilot plant operations in Germany.

Talga has a unique advantage. Our 100% owned graphite deposits and proprietary processes provide a nominal cost path to create high quality graphene and nanographite in industrial volumes from a natural source. Talga has no requirement for crushing or grinding (physical comminution) which has a material impact on both operation and capital expenditure. Our margins can withstand the ultimate price recalibration for graphene that will come as the industry matures.

Minimal processing (no milling or micronisation) of the natural source product results in relatively benign environmental footprint compared to global graphite peers and ensures that the natural high crystallinity flake morphology remains pristine.

Our high grade resources, incredible mining logistics in Sweden, and simple cost-effective processing methods, give us clear competitive opportunities. Our development stage allows for large samples for industry testing and our products suit today's additive market.

Our strategy is to initially identify applications associated with commonly used materials that can be transformed and improved by the availability of high-quality, nominal-cost graphene and uniquely unmilled nanographite. Talga will work with a small number of partners to develop products that meet their needs.

Talga first joined the Australian Stock Exchange in July, 2010.

Talga Resources
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