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Advion is the scientific leader for LC/MS and immunoassay services. We're a bioanalytical contract research organization (CRO) dedicated to scientific excellence. We identify and resolve bioanalytical problems with methodologies that accelerate and enhance clients’ discovery, preclinical, clinical trials and provide greater confidence of regulatory compliance.

Advion is the scientific leader in microfluidics systems for chemistry and biochemistry applications. Our scientific knowledge creates unique nanotechnologies, including chip-based nanoelectrospray, that deliver speed, flexibility, and exceptional analytical data quality. The versatile TriVersa NanoMate workstation and its chip-based nanoelectrospray technology generate higher quality information from complex samples. RePlay (patent pending) provides proteomic researchers the ability to analyze a single nanoLC injection twice without the need for additional time or sample. The NanoTek Microfluidic Synthesis System produces on-demand PET-labeled biomarkers 20 times faster and with 2.5 times the yield versus conventional processes.

19 Brown Road
Ithaca, NY
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