Call for Papers

Nanomanufacturing Summit 2009

May 27-29, 2009

Boston, MA

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Nanomanufacturing remains the essential bridge between the discoveries of the nanosciences and real-world nanotechnology products. Nanomanufacturing is the controllable manipulation of materials structures, components, devices/machines, and systems at the nanoscale (0.1 to 100 nanometers) in one, two, and three dimensions for large-scale reproducibility of value-added components and devices. Nanomanufacturing encompasses bottom-up directed assembly, top-down high resolution processing, molecular systems engineering, and hierarchical integration with larger scale systems. As dimensional scales of materials and molecular systems approach the nanoscale, the conventional rules governing the behavior and properties of these components, devices, and systems change significantly. As such, the behavior of the final product is enabled by the collective performance of the nanoscale building blocks.

The National Nanomanufacturing Network (NNN) is pleased to announce a Call for Abstracts for The Nanomanufacturing Summit 2009, to be held in Boston, May 27-29, 2009. The Nanomanufacturing Summit 2009 is a showcase for high-quality technical contributions by experts and practitioners in the field of nanomanufacturing, as well as a networking event for the broader nanomanufacturing (NM) community. Abstracts for papers are being solicited for key focus areas and topics having an emphasis on nanomanufacturing approaches, applications, and research challenges.

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Submissions for this conference were closed on 2009-05-01.