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deposition of material onto an electrode surface from ions in solution due to electrochemical reduction [SOURCE: ISO/TS 80004-8 v1, 7.2.7]

Magzor Corporation
Magzor Corporation
3529 Old Conejo Road Unit 115 Newbury Park, CA 91320 USA

Magzor’s vision is to manufacture machines which enable the fabrication of meso and micro-scale devices at room temperature. These devices can have mechanical electrical and/or magnetic properties. Magzor is realizing this vision by developing novel electroforming systems and techniques which require the optimization of chemistry, the physical electroplating system and (chemical reaction) feedback systems. This allows chemistry at the reaction face to be monitored and altered in real-time. It is only with this degree of control that material stoichiometry can be maintained.

151 Progress Drive Manchester, CT 06042 USA

Inframat develops nanostructured materials to improve performance and extend the life of coated components used throughout the global infrastructure.

Through its Sponsored Research program, in which customers partner with the Company to develop novel products, Inframat has developed Centers of Expertise in the following areas:

- Industrial Nanocoatings,
- Magnetic Nanocomposites,
- Environmental Applications,
- Medical Implantable Devices, and
- High Lubricity/Chrome Replacement Coatings.