2009 Program

Program (PDF, 1.25MB)

Wednesday, May 27
8:15 Plenary Session
8:30 Long View in Nanomanufacturing
Dr. M. C. Roco, National Science Foundation and National Nanotechnology Initiative
9:00 Some Recent Progress in Soft and Fluidic Based Techniques for Nanomanufacturing
Prof. John Rogers, University of Illinois Urbana-Champagne
9:30 Nanomanufacturing Technology for Energy Applications
Omkaram Nalamasu, Applied Materials
10:00 Networking Break
  Session IA: Advanced Processes and Tools for Nanoscale Control Session IIA: Field Assisted Assembly
10:20 The Characterization and Metrology of Graphene
Alain Diebold
College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering
Heterogeneous Functional Integration and Manufacturing at the Nanoscale
Placid Ferreira
NSF Center for Nanoscale Chemical-Electrical-Mechanical Manufacturing Systems
10:45 Nano Stamp: Single Molecular Stamping of Sub-10nm Colloidal Quantum Dot Aray
Xiaojing (John) Zhang, Kazunori Hoshino, and Ashwini Gopal
University of Texas at Austin
Dielectrophoretic Directed Assembly of Nanowires Over Large Areas
Erik M. Freer, Oleg Grachev, and David P. Stumbo
Nanosys, Inc.
11:10 Self-assembled Contacts to Nanoparticles Using Metallic Ga Droplets
K. Du, E. Glogowski, M. T. Tuominen, T. Emrick, T. P. Russell, and A. D. Dinsmore
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Precise Large-Scale Control of Electrophoretic Directed Assembly of Nanoparticles
Cihan Yilmaz, Sivasubramanian Somu, Ahmed Busnaina, and Sanjeev Mukerjee
NSF Center for High-rate Nanomanufacturing and Northeastern University
11:35 Measurements, Instrumentation, and Standards for Nanomanufacturing
Michael T. Postek
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Nanoscale Deposition and Etching of Silicon Quantum Dots Using Field-Assisted AFM-Based CVD
Mohammad Reza Dodge and Massood Tabib-Azar
University of Utah
12:00 Conference Luncheon
  Session IB: Directed Self-Assembly Session IIB: Nano ES&H, Risk Assessment
13:20 Templated Self-assembly of Block Copolymers for Nanoscale Device Fabrication
C. A. Ross, Y. S. Jung, V. P. Chuang, Joel W. K. Yang, and K. K. Berggren
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Challenges for Environmental Health and Safety of Nanomaterials
Jacqueline A. Isaacs
NSF Center for High-rate Nanomanufacturing
13:45 Directed Assembly of Polymer Structures for High-rate Nanomanufacturing
Ming Wei, Liang Fang, Arun Kumar, Jia Shen, Jun Lee, Sivasubramanian Somu, Xugang Xiong, Carol Barary, Ahmed Busnaina, and Joey Mead
NSF Center for High-rate Nanomanufacturing
Study of Nanoparticle Emission from Production of Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
Su-Jung (Candace) Tsai, Nario Hofmann, Marilyn Hallock, Earl Ada, Jing Kong, and Michael Ellenbecker
NSF Center for High-rate Nanomanufacturing, University of Massachusetts Lowell, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology
14:10 Patterned Media: Processing Technology
Neil Robertson
Hitachi Global Storage Technologies
Controlling Risks and Controlling Costs: Retooling for Codes of Conduct
Nina Horne
University of California Berkeley
14:35 Macroscopic Arrays of Block Copolymers With Areal Densities of 10 Terabit/inch2 and Beyond
Thomas P. Russell
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Cancer Nanotechnology: Resources for Clinical Translation
Anil K. Patri
Nanotechnology Characterization Laboratory
15:00 Break
  Session IC: Nanomanufacturing Applications: Advanced Materials Session IIC: Green Manufacturing, Nano ES&H, Risk
15:20 Scaling Up Production of Long Carbon Nanotubes and Multi-function Products
David Lashmore
Nanocomp Technologies, Inc.
Greener Nanomanufacturing: Opportunities to Optimize Performance, Efficiency, and Safety in the Production of Nanoscale Materials
James Hutchinson
University of Oregon
15:45 Emerging Research Materials and Nanofabrication Methods: Challenges and Opportunities
Daniel Herr
Semiconductor Research Corporation
Study of Airborne Nanoparticles Exposure Associated with the Hood Design and the Development of a Standardized Testing Protocol
Su-Jung (Candace) Tsai and Michael Ellenbecker
NSF Center for High-rate Nanomanufacturing and University of Massachusetts Lowell
16:10 Nanotechnology Research and Development in the Forest Products Industry--the Green Connection
Ted Wegner, World L. S. Neih, John G. Cowie, J. Philip E. Jones, Mike Postek, and Andras Vladar
U.S. Forest Service, AF&PA Agenda 2020, Imerys, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology
Modeling Approaches for Nanomanufacturing Risk Assessment
Zeynep D. Ok, Jacqueline A. Isaacs, and James C. Benneyan
NSF Center for High-rate Nanomanufacturing and Northeastern University
16:35 Self-Collimation in Quasi Zero-Average-Refractive-Index Photonic Crystal Metamaterial
S. Cabrini, V. Mocella, A.S.. Chang, P. Dardano, L. Moretti, I. Rendina, D. Olynick, B. Harteneck, and S. Dhuey
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and CNR-IMM -- Unita di Napoli
Screening for Potential Toxicity of Engineered Nanomaterials: Its Utility in Developing Responsible Nanomanufacturing
Dhimiter Bello, Shu-Feng Hsieh, Anoop K. Pal, Daniel Schmidt, and Eugene J. Rogers
NSF Center for High-rate Nanomanufacturing and University of Massachusetts Lowell
17:00 Reception and Poster Session
19:00 Close Day 1


Thursday, May 28
8:15 Plenary Session
8:30 Commercializing Nanotechnology: Setting Expectations After the Hype Has Gone
Dr. Chris Hartshorn, Lux Research, Inc.
9:00 Electron & Ion Beam Microscopies: From Lab to Fab
Prof. David Narum, FEI Company
9:30 Nanomanufacturing: Challenges and Opportunities
Dr. Shaochen Chen, National Science Foundation
10:00 Networking Break
  Session IA: Emerging Processes and Tools Session IIA: Integrated Nanoelectronics
10:20 Nanoprocessing and Device Fabrication
Costas P. Grigoropoulos, David J. Hwang, and Seunghwan Ko
University of California Berkeley
The SRC-NIST Nanoelectronics Research Initiative: Partnership for Innovation
Jeffrey Welser, Daniel Herr, and Ralph K. Cavin, III
Semiconducdtor Research Corporation
10:45 Advances in Soft-Nanoimprint Lithography
Isaac W. Moran and Kenneth R. Carter
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Heterogeneous Integration of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes with CMOS Circuitry
Chia-Ling Chen, Vinay Agarwal, Chih-Feng Yang, Chenfu Guo, Sameer Sonkusale, and Mehmet R. Dokmeci
Northeastern University and Tufts University
11:10 Layered Nanotubes from Electrostatic Assembly
Jodie Lutkenhaus
Yale University
SWNT-based Thin Film Transistors on a Flexible Substrate
Selvapraba Selvarasah and Mehmet R. Dokmeci
Northeastern University
11:35 Luncheon Panel Discussions
Emerging Opportunities Information Needs for Nanomanufacturing
  Session IB: Nanomanufacturing Applications: Energy and Environmental Session IIB: Nanotechnology Business and Commercialization I
13:20 Nanotechnology at GE: Path to Commercialization
Margaret L. Blohm
GE Global Research
Involvement of Industry in Nanotechnology Partnerships
Sean Murdock
Nano Business Alliance
13:45 Polymer Nanotube Ensembles for Separation and Sensing
K. Krishnamoorthy, E. N. Savariar, and S. Thayumanavan
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Nanotechnology for Defense Applications
Sharon Smith
Lockheed Martin
14:10 Silicon and Germanium Nanocystal Electronic Devices
Zachary Holman, chin-Yi Liu, and Uwe Kortshagen
University of Minnesota
Nano Terra: Creating Function at Surfaces Through the Application of Chemistry and Structure. A New Business Model for Platform Technology
Emanuele Ostuni
Nano Terra, Inc.
14:35 Nanomanufacturing Fuel Cell MEAs Using Layer-By-Layer Assembly
Ryan C. Sekol, Marcelo Carmo, and Andre D. Taylor
Yale University
Technology Transfer: Real Life Stories From A Roll-To-Roll Embossing/Nano-Replication Company
Diane Martin
Microcontinuum Inc.
15:00 Break
  Session IC: Advanced Tools and Processes for Nanomanufacturing I Session IIC: Nanotechnology Business and Commercialization II
15:20 Zone-Plate_Array Lithography: Enabling Nanotechnology from Research through Production
Michael Walsh
LumArray, Inc.
The Business of Nanomanufacturing: State/Regional Partnerships, Commercialized Research, and Entrepreneurial Startups
Skip Rung
15:45 Plasmonic Lithography for Nanomanufacturing
David B. Bogy and Liang Pan
University of California, Berkeley
Organic Photovoltaics - A High Speed, High Volume Manufacturing Technology
Russell Gaudiana
Konarka Inc.
16:10 Advanced Solutions in Surface Engineering Technology ASSET
Arjan Giaya
Triton Systems, Inc.
NanoGram Silicon Ink: Unlocking the Printed electronics Opportunity
Sean Stewart
NanoGram Corporation
16:35 Nanoimprinting with amorphous metals
Jan Schroers, Golden Kumar
Yale University
State-Corporate Partnership of Nanoeconomic Development
Ed Cupoli
CNSE at University of Albany
17:00 Reception and Poster Session
19:00 Close Day 2


Friday, May 29
  Session IA: Advanced Tools and Processes for Nanomanufacturing II Session IIA: Fundamental and Enabling Science
8:20 Nanomanufacturing Using Heated Probe Tips
William King
University of Illinois Urbana-Champagne
Sandia's CAE approach towards Bottom-up and Top-Down Nanomanufacturing
Michael Chandross
Center for Integrated NanoTechnologies
8:45 Dip-Pen Nanolithography®: From the Lab to the Factory Floor
Mike Nelson
NanoInk, Inc.
Investigation of Quality and Repeatability of Nanomanuacturing Processes: Design of Experiments of Magnesium Oxide Growth Process
Ghulam Moeen Uddin, Abe Zeid, Sagar Kamarthi, and Kate Ziemer
Northeastern University
9:10 Directed Assembly of Nanoelements for High-rate Nanomanufacturing
Ahmed Busnaina
NSF Center for High-rate Nanomanufacturing
Introduction to the Center for Scalable and Integrated Nano-Manufacturing (SINAM)
Li Zeng
NSF Center for Scalable and Integrated Nanomanufacturing
9:35 Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies
Robert Hwang
Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies
10:00 Break
  Session IB: Advanced Tools and Processes for Nanomanufacturing III Session IIB: Nanomanufacturing Applications: General
10:20 Self-Assembled Templates for Device Fabrication on Si Wafer and Roll-to-Roll Process Platforms
James J. Watkins
NSF Center for Hierarchical Manufacturing
Functionalized Carbon Nanotube Sensors for Chemical and Biological Detection
Michelle Chen
Simmons College
10:45 Multifinger Coordinated Manipulation Methodology for Nanomanufacturing
Laxman Saggere, Sandeep Krishnan, and Christopher Pelzmann
University of Illinois at Chicago
Controlled Drug Release from Large Area Nanoplatforms
Evin Gultepe, Dattatri Nagesha, and Srinivas Sridhar
Northeastern University
11:10 High Resolution Projection Microstereolithography for 3-D Fabrication
Chris Spadaccini and Nick Fang
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and University of Illinois
New Quantum Dot Based Materials
Y. K. Gun'ko, M. M. Moloney, S. Gallagher, and S. Byrn
Trinity College, University of dublin
11:35 Template for Straight Forward Fabrication of Single Nanowire Devices
B. J. Hansen, X. Zhang, and J. Chen
Boston University and University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
12:00 Conference Adjourn