Jayesh Doshi

Founder, eSpin Technologies, Inc.

Jayesh Doshi is the founder of eSpin Technologies, Inc. where he is leading the effort to commercialize electrospun nanofiber technology.  Under his leadership the company has scaled the spinning technology with SBIR and NIST-ATP awards.  Most recently, the company is involved in scaling up electrospun carbon nanofiber manufacturing technology to produce materials at industrial scale under a NIST-TIP award.  Under Dr. Doshi's leadership, the company has launched four nanofiber-based products: exceed® HVAC air filters, Simwypes® drywipes, Cytoweb® tissue culture media, and nWeb® rolled goods.  Prior to founding eSpin, Jayesh worked as senior chemist at DuPont Company.  Jayesh earned his PhD in Polymer Science at the University of Akron, where during his doctoral work he coined the word 'electrospinning' in 1991.