Ross Kozarsky

Analyst, Lux Research

Ross Kozarsky is an Analyst on Lux Research’s Advanced Materials team and is based out of the Boston office. Ross’ primary responsibilities include providing strategic advice and on-going intelligence for emerging coating, composite, and catalyst materials that serve as enabling technologies for new markets and applications in industries ranging from oil and gas to electronics. He has recently authored an oil and gas report examining the opportunities for advanced materials to enhance upstream exploration and production activities.

Prior to joining Lux Research, Ross worked as a process engineer at the Silicon Valley solar startup Solexant, developing flexible thin film photovoltaic cells using printable nanomaterial technologies.

Ross holds a Master’s degree in Advanced Chemical Engineering from the University of Cambridge and a B.S.E in Chemical Engineering from Princeton University, with certificates in Materials Science and Finance. He has research experience on a wide range of topics including photovoltaic devices, sol-gel nanomaterial synthesis, piezoelectric sensors, microfluidic devices, and the electrochemical detection of hydrogen. Ross’ ongoing education includes extension courses at University of California (Berkeley) in Financial Accounting and Princeton University alumni courses on healthcare reform and America’s post-recession economy.

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