John Brewer

CEO, Amorphyx
Entrepreneur-in-Residence, ONAMI

John Brewer’s 28 years of experience in the wireless industry extend across the disciplines of engineering, marketing and executive management. He has spent the last 15 years working on products and technologies related to improving the performance and manufacture of RF power amplifiers and front ends for consumer electronics products. John is currently a Managing Director with Vincio, a business development and advisory services firm working with private technology companies to increase industry awareness in preparation for trade sale or strategic investment. John finished five years as Vice President, Corporate and Business Development and Vice President, Marketing with SiGe Semiconductor in June 2011, where he helped lead the company’s IPO filing and eventual sale to Skyworks Solutions. Prior to joining SiGe Semiconductor, he was CEO and President of Xindium, a company providing RF power amplifiers for next-generation mobile handsets and terminals. He has either founded or been a key early participant in seven tech startups since 1986. John holds the bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering from Santa Clara University.