John Biondi

Xolve, Inc.

Mr. Biondi has spent his entire career working in the areas of technology, business development, company formation and management of innovation. As a corporate manager, Mr. Biondi spent fifteen years of his career with Ohmeda, the world’s largest supplier of anesthesia systems and was head of marketing for its global anesthesia business. On the entrepreneurial side, Xolve is Mr. Biondi’s sixth early stage company in which he has functioned as a senior manager, his third stint as a CEO and his second nanotechnology venture. He has helped start three of the ventures he has been involved with and also managed the initial funding of two additional start-up ventures. Two of his ventures made successful initial public offerings, one was acquired and the others are still functioning companies. Mr. Biondi has worked in technologies ranging from medical and surgical devices and software to nanotechnology and bio energy. He has raised over $55 million in equity for these ventures.

He holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Missouri, Columbia and an MBA from Georgia State University. He has served as the Chair of the Madison regional economic development entity (Thrive), been a member of the Wisconsin Governor’s Business Council, served on several task forces for the Midwestern Governor’s Association as well as a range of advisory boards.

Xolve, his current venture, is an early stage nanomaterials company that has solved one of the basic problems that has retarded the advancement of nanomaterials in practical applications.

He lives with his wife on a certified organic farm in Mineral Point, Wisconsin.