Mark Tuominen

Professor of Physics and Director
Center for Hierarchical Manufacturing
University of Massachusetts Amherst

Mark Tuominen is a Professor of Physics and Director of the Center for Hierarchical Manufacturing and MassNanoTech at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. His research interests include experimental condensed matter physics. Research in the fabrication and physics of nanoscale devices and materials. This includes two primary research areas: nanostructures from self-assembling block copolymer templates and nanoscale device physics. The first area addresses the general scientific challenge of fabricating nanoscale structures by a convenient method and providing appropriate electrical interfacing to these structures. To adress this challenge, diblock copolymer films are used as a convenient self-assembling template for the fabrication of arrays of nanoscale elements. This results in a new fabrication method for producing integrated devices using block copolymer templates in combination with other lithographic methods. Research includes work on terabit-density single-domain magnetic arrays, magnetotransport devices, field-emission arrays, electrochemical sensor arrays, and thermoelectric cooling elements. The second research area explores issues involved in single charge transport. This includes single-electron investigations of mesoscopic superconductors and, more recently, experimental and theoretical studies on charge shuttle devices, which involves quantum charge transport coupled with mechanical vibration.