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SemiconSoft, Inc.

SemiconSoft, Inc.

Semiconsoft, a world leader in providing thin films data analysis software and thin-films measurement hardware solutions. Our TFCompanion software is used by many major metrology companies and leading R&D organizations, in semiconductor, biotechnology, data storage, display, chemistry and optical coating industries.Our line of metrology instruments from the most sophisticated spectroscopic and imaging ellipsometers to small and cost effective fiber-optics reflectometers combines the best and latest hardware technology with the user friendly, powerful, yet, easy to use software.

Semiconsoft, Inc. is a privately held company with headquarters in Southborough, Massachusetts. It was founded in 2001 with the mission to provide thin-film analysis software and services for semiconductor R&D and production. TFCompanion software was introduced in 2002. We continue active development of TFCompanion and constantly adding new features and capabilities. It is recognized as a leading thin-film data analysis software. One of the challenges of optical metrology, as an indirect measurement technique, is the selection of measurement methods and conditions to achieve optimal precision on specific application: this problem is faced by metrology manufacturers, production users or researchers alike. In 2004 we have introduced an ErrorEstimator module that allows to estimate accurately the measurement precision depending on measurement condition, application and technique. In 2005 we partnered with the leading hardware manufacturers to combine the recent advances in hardware and software and offer a full line of modular thin-film measurement solutions that can be customized for specific application. PicoProbe series of single wavelength and spectroscopic systems offer unparalleled speed and precision, PicoScan imaging ellipsometer system offer high spatial resolution, M-Probe spectral reflectometer systems offer small, precise and affordable solution for in-situ and ex-situ measurement, TR-Probe offer application customized high-precision reflectometer systems for the wide spectral range.

SemiconSoft, Inc.
83 Pinehill Rd
Southborough, MA
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