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Envia Systems, Inc.

Envia Systems, Inc.

Envia Systems was founded in July 2007, and its headquarters are located in Newark, CA, which houses its materials innovation lab and a pilot production facility for fabrication of battery materials. Its cell prototyping and manufacturing plant is located in Jiaxing, China. The company’s management team has decades of experience in lithium battery development and manufacturing, which it has leveraged to develop its patented nanocomposite technology that enables its batteries to deliver previously unattainable levels of energy capacity, safety and life.

Rooted in materials innovation, Envia has quickly built an R&D team and an IP portfolio that is a cornerstone to future energy storage products. A Lux Research article titled: “Ranking Li-ion battery developers on Lux Innovation Grid“, September 2011, ranks Li-ion industry participants on a scale of technical value and business execution. Envia Systems fared quite well in that ranking.

Envia Systems, Inc.
7979 Gateway Blvd.
Newark, CA
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