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NN-Labs Announces Development of Environmentally-friendly, Heavy Metal-free Quantum Dots

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Press Release: NN-Labs, LLC is pleased to announce the introduction of indium phosphide-based quantum dots as a new environmentally-friendly, heavy metal-free, high performance alternative to cadmium selenide-based (CdSe) quantum dots for research and teaching applications.

NN-Labs has developed a line of indium phosphide-based (InP) quantum dots, that offer high performance while eliminating the use of cadmium, a Level A toxic element with zero use tolerance for purpose-built commercial applications [Joint Industry Guide, JIG-101, 2005].

NN-Labs is offering InP/ZnS core-shell quantum dots in kits of five emission colors: Green (530 nm), Yellow (570 nm), Orange (600 nm), Red (630 nm), and Deep Red (650 nm). Kits are available with the quantum dots dispersed in organic solvents and in water. These quantum dots are readily observed through absorption and fluorescence spectroscopy and offer similar emission color ranges to that of CdSe. In particular, these kits are designed to meet research needs requiring high performance, heavy metal-free quantum dots and teaching needs (such as experiments demonstrating spectroscopic characteristics of quantum dots1). Each of the colors can also be offered separately to match the needs of our customers.

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NN-Labs is a leading developer of materials based on colloidal nanocrystals, including semiconductor, noble metal and magnetic metal oxide nanocrystals. Our patent-protected products offer superior performance, highest quality and versatility for demanding research and teaching applications. NN-Labs is actively pursuing product-system commercialization opportunities in solid state lighting, solar photovoltaic and biomedicine.

Source: NN-Labs, LLC.