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Third NNI Workshop in nanoEHS Series to Be Held November 17 - 18

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The National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI) will hold their third nanoEHS workshop on November 17-18 at the Holiday Inn Rosslyn at Key Bridge, Arlington, Virginia. The workshop, Nanomaterials and Human Health & Instrumentation, Metrology, and Analytical Methods, will continue the dialogue on some of the most crucial scientific questions of the day.

The NNI invites you to be one of the voices in an active discussion to:

  • Probe the state of the science for nanotechnology
  • Identify priority gaps and emerging trends in nanotechnology health and safety research
  • Provide comment on the recommendations in the NNI's Strategy for Nanotechnology-related Environmental, Health, and Safety Research

Agenda highlights include:

  • Three expert presentations to identify critical issues and provide common knowledge and language for the workshop
  • In-depth dialogue with participants
  • Presentation: White House Perspective on Nanotechnology Health & Safety, Tom Kalil Deputy Director at OSTP 
  • Reception on Tuesday evening
  • Vignettes about real-world experiences
  • Wednesday Working Lunch: Nanobioinformatics - Translating Data to Useful Information 
  • Congressional Remarks  

This is the third of four workshops in the National Nanotechnology Initiative series, which stretches into March 2010, to assess the state of ongoing nanotechnology-related Envrionmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) research.

Registration is free and open to the public.

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