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NanoSafety Consortium for Carbon Established

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On March 15, 2010, 12 leading companies involved in the commercialization of carbon nanomaterials and products announced the formation of the NanoSafety Consortium for Carbon (NCC) to address global legal, regulatory, environmental, health, and safety issues related to the responsible commercialization of their products.

The goals of the NNC are:

  • To pursue the potential development of a mutually agreeable testing regime between NCC and US EPA for a suite of representative carbon nanomaterials to fulfill the toxicity testing requirements of any TSCA consent order applicable to NCC's members' existing carbon nanomaterials.
  • As part of any overall representative testing regime, to develop a mutually agreeable approach between NCC and US EPA which allows a reasonable range of modification to members’ products without requiring renewed comprehensive toxicity testing.
  • To provide EPA with NCC's perspective on the scope of any data-call-ins or testing rules which might be issued for carbon nanomaterials under Sections 4 or 8 of TSCA.

To learn more about the NCC's participants, scientific advisory board, and by laws, visit the group's Web site.

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