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VaporPulse Technologies, Inc.

VaporPulse Technologies, Inc.

At VaporPulse, we provide high quality ALD coating services for our customers.

We are ALD Makers working with you to find the best solution for your application to help you advance your products from ideation to commercial reality. We are experts in using ALD and depositing high quality nanocoatings.  We take pride in developing and tinkering to find the best solution for your problem. One of the benefits of selecting VaporPulse as your coating supplier is you get to leverage our extensive knowledge and experience in ALD without purchasing expensive systems and training new staff.  Trust us, if you want to do more than deposit classical ALD processes such as alumina then hire an expert like VaporPulse for the job.

We have the following materials available and are always bringing on new materials for client projects:

  • Metal Oxide: Al2O3, Aluminum Doped ZnO, HfO2, SiO2, TiO2, V2O5, ZnO, ZrO2,
  • Metal: Tungsten, Platinum, Palladium
  • Nitride: Boron Nitride, Titanium Nitride, Tungsten Nitride
  • Nanolaminate
  • Metalcones (Hybrid organic-inorganic): Alucone, Zincone, Titanicone, Zircone
  • PEDOT – yes that’s correct, we can deposit PEDOT