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Azaya Therapeutics Launches Parexo Labs, Offering Liposomal Manufacture And Nanotechnology Testing Services To Drug And Device Developers

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Azaya Therapeutics

Azaya Therapeutics Inc., an oncology company focused on developing more effective cancer treatments through its nanotechnology platform, announced the launch of a new division, Parexo Labs, a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) providing chemical testing and liposomal manufacturing services to outside organizations. Parexo Labs leverages Azaya’s twin capabilities in cytotoxic and nanoparticle analysis and liposome manufacturing, including its proprietary analytical methodology to detail release rates and characterization attributes of nanoparticles. Parexo Labs offers laboratory services that can speed drug development and regulatory progress for pharmaceutical and medical device developers alike.

Credit: Parexo Labs
“Azaya Therapeutics has over ten years of experience in the cytotoxic and nanotechnology arenas, which we are now leveraging with the rollout of Parexo Labs,” said Mike Dwyer, Azaya Therapeutics CEO and President. “Through Parexo, we can apply these analytical capabilities and development methodologies to organizations in need of them for their own development programs.”

“Chemotherapy and nanotechnology continue to be at the forefront of cancer treatment options,” commented Don Kruppa, Azaya Therapeutics Vice President, Operations. “Building on Azaya’s drug development and manufacturing expertise, Parexo Labs can offer both commercial and academic customers innovative solutions in nanoparticle characterization and analysis, as well as the latest nanoparticle testing technology.”

Parexo Labs services cover method development and validation for cytotoxics, as well as raw material testing, stability storage and testing, chemical characterization and other analyses. Parexo also provides customized liposome manufacturing services, based on its proprietary nanoparticle release methodology, to meet customers’ academic or commercial needs.

About Parexo Labs
Parexo Labs is a manufacturing and analytical services lab,specializing in cytotoxic and nanotechnology formulation for the pharmaceutical industry and academia. Parexo’s proprietary liposomal in vitro release methodology evaluates drug release rates and liposomal characterization. Parexo’s liposomal manufacturing services can be used to develop customized liposomes, with cytotoxic or highly potent ingredients, developed to customer specifications.

Parexo also specializes in cytotoxic testing and chemical analysis, including method development, validation and product stability, and can deliver validated results within a timeframe sensitive to development and regulatory demands. For more on Parexo Labs, please visit:

About Azaya Therapeutics
Azaya Therapeutics, Inc. is an oncology company focused on developing more effective cancer treatments through its novel nanotechnology platform. Azaya’s patented Protein Stabilized Liposomes™ (PSL) platform allows for high-dose delivery of potent cytotoxics with potentially lower side effects. ATI-1123, is a novel liposomal encapsulation of Docetaxel, and has completed a FDA-approved Phase I clinical trial in solid tumor patients. Results included evidence of clinical benefit in 82% of the patients with an improved safety profile.

ATI-0918 is a generic formulation of DOXIL®/CAELYX®. ATI-0918 is in an FDA-approved bioequivalency clinical trial in comparison with DOXIL/CAELYX in women with ovarian cancer. On the basis of this trial and various in vitro testing, the company can apply for market approval in both the United States and Europe. Azaya is privately-held and located in San Antonio, Texas. For more on Azaya Therapeutics, please go to

Source:  Azaya Therapeutics