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Internano brings together several resource about nanomanufacturing that may be of interest to companies that are in the nanotechnology market or are seeking to enter it.

What is nanomanufacturing?

Nanomanufacturing is the essential bridge between the discoveries of the nano sciences and real-world nanotechnology-enabled products.

  • It is the utilization of value-added processes to control matter at the nanoscale in one, two, and three dimensions for reproducible, commercial-scale production;
  • It encompasses bottom-up directed assembly, top-down high resolution processing, molecular systems engineering, and hierarchical integration with macro-scale systems.

What can the NNN do for you?

The National Nanomanufacturing Network offers a range of services including training and education, industrial vision and roadmap development, thematic conferences and workshops, and the promotion of best practices in nanomanufacturing. Additional services will provide user forums for ES&H discussions, description of evolving processes, trends, and technologies in the area of nanomanufacturing.

  • If you are interested in partnering with the NNN, contact us

Browse examples of Nanomanufacturing Testbeds.

System level test-beds are public-private partnerships designed to transfer promising fundamental discoveries and developments from the research laboratory to viable manufacturing platforms that can be adopted by industry. The NNN is taking a close look at some of these collaborations from our affiliate research centers.  

Browse Nanomanufacturing Centers and User Facilities

Nanomanufacturing Centers and User Facilities can provide access to a range of equipment and technical support for varying fees or barter agreements. The NNN has a list of centers that offer these and other services.