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CytoViva, Inc.

CytoViva, Inc.

CytoViva® is a leading provider of advanced optical microscopy and hyperspectral imaging technologies. These technologies have been specifically designed for nanomaterials, nanomedicine and life science related research. The CytoViva Hyperspectral Imaging System evolved from technology originally developed for aerial based imaging applications within Department of Defense and NASA. Working in conjunction with ITT Visual Information Systems, Headwall Photonics and others, CytoViva has adapted this technology to operate as an advanced micro-based system, enabling spectral quantification of nano-scale materials and live biologicals.

CytoViva, Inc. is a subsidiary of Aetos Technologies, Inc. ( a privately held technology development company founded to bridge the gap between university-based research and the commercial market. Aetos actively seeks to participate in co-development projects with other private companies, research institutions and universities to commercialize additional technologies.

CytoViva, Inc.
300 North Dean Road
Suite 5 - PMB 157
Auburn, AL
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