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Bluestone Global Tech, Ltd.

Bluestone Global Tech, Ltd.

Bluestone Global Tech (BGT), established in 2011, is dedicated to the development of graphene technology with the ultimate goal of utilizing this “wonder material” to enhance our lives. BGT has pioneered the mass production of high-quality graphene enabling the commercialization of many graphene-enhanced applications such as advanced displays, flexible electronics, and energy storage materials.

BGT is partnering with industrial application developers around the world to commercialize graphene-based products. We also provide end-users, universities and R&D labs with our high-quality CVD graphene, silicon-graphene anode material and graphene oxide.

BGT’s field-leading R&D team is made up of scientists and engineers who are seasoned experts in graphene technology. We provide and customize graphene products to meet the demands of various applications across a variety of industries. We also offer technical advisory services that support the integration of graphene into your manufacturing processes.

Bluestone Global Tech, Ltd.
169 Myers Corners Rd.
Suite #210
Wappingers Falls, NY
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