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Porifera Wins Prestigious ARPA-E Grant

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Porifera, Inc.

Porifera, Inc.
Porifera led team will develop carbon nanotube membranes for energy efficient carbon capture.  The research and development will be funded by the newly formed Advanced Research Project Agency – Energy. ARPA-E will fund development of carbon nanotube membranes with fluxes up to 100x higher than the conventional membranes.

Physical and chemical modifications to the carbon nanotubes will be used to increase the selectivity of the membrane for CO2. The program objective is to demonstrate a more efficient and economical means of carbon capture over current state of the art amine technology. Porifera will receive $1.1M over two years.

Porifera team is led by Dr. Olgica Bakajin, and includes Senior Scientists Dr. Sangil Kim and Dr. Jennifer Klare. Porifera’s partners are Prof. Grigoropolous’s group at the University of California Berkeley and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory team led by Dr. Aleksandr Noy with Staff Scientist Dr. Francesco Fornasiero.  

“It’s the first time that this kind of grant has been given. Competition was tough. Only about 1% of the submitted proposals was funded.” Dr. Noy said. “It’s on us to show that ARPA-E funding will lead to true game changing technologies," added Bakajin.

ARPA-E’s mission is to develop nimble, creative and inventive approaches to transform the global energy landscape, while advancing America’s technology leadership.

Porifera Inc. is a San Francisco Bay Area-based company whose goal is commercialization of carbon nanotube membrane technology. Porifera combines groundbreaking research advances with solid technological and marketing expertise to develop solutions that will revolutionize the membrane industry and provide clean drinking water and air free of pollutants.

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