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BlueVine Graphene Industries, Inc.

BlueVine Graphene Industries, Inc.

For the past decade, Purdue’s Discovery Park and its leading scientists nurtured the research that has now become the foundation of BGI’s graphene technology and team. BGI is developing the building blocks of the future in materials at the forefront of nanotechnology. Today, we are creating biosensors and supercapacitors that will revolutionize whole industries.

Our leadership team and skilled specialists are composed of some of the best talent and experience in both business and technology. Our leadership has in depth experience in scaling both companies and technologies. This comprehensive set of strengths is due in part to the fact that BGI is one of the first true collaborations between a Silicon Valley venture firm and the brilliant minds and innovative research out of Purdue University.

We love to exceed customers expectations. How do we do that? By taking the time to gain an in depth understanding of either the problem they are trying to solve or their vision for their next generation of product. Once we understand that we collaboratively develop the product specifications, roadmap, validation points, milestones and the targeted product price. Then we strive to exceed our customer and the markets expectations.

BlueVine Graphene Industries, Inc.
Purdue University
1601 W State Street
Suite 101
West Lafayette, IN
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765 588-5355