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Graphene Frontiers Secures Patent for Commercial-Scale Material Production

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Graphene Frontiers

Graphene Frontiers LLC, a prominent developer of graphene materials and device technology, announces the issuance of a key industry patent. U.S. Patent 8,822,308, titled “Methods and Apparatus for Transfer of Films among Substrates,” covers the transfer of graphene films between surfaces using roll-to-roll manufacturing processes.

“We were aggressively pursuing this patent and securing it is a testament to the hard work and resiliency of the entire team,” Graphene Frontiers’ CEO Mike Patterson said.

This was the final hurdle in creating a cost-effective production process for graphene. With Graphene Frontiers’ etch-free transfer solution, manufacturers now have the option of not dissolving or consuming the substrate metal.

The approach is also compatible with other materials, and is particularly useful for nanomaterials, which are often difficult to develop.

“Graphene is a remarkable material, but it is only a building block,” Chief Science Officer Bruce Willner said. “The ability to handle graphene and place it among other materials – where and how we want – is critical to taking advantage of this technology.”

Recently, the company entered into an agreement to ramp-up production with The Colleges of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE) at SUNY Polytechnic Institute in Albany NY. It’s an alliance that will increase the amount of employees working at the company, as well as form relationships with potential buyers.

About Graphene Frontiers

Graphene Frontiers is a leading nanotechnology materials and device company based in Philadelphia. Graphene Frontiers has developed innovative and exclusive manufacturing processes that makes it economically viable for companies to begin using graphene, the revolutionary nanomaterial with potential for disrupting numerous industries with its unique sensitivity and mechanical properties. Graphene Frontiers is building on its core strengths in graphene growth, transfer, device fabrication, and functionalization by developing specific products and solutions for industry. Graphene Frontiers’ flagship product is the Six™ Sensor platform, which offers distinct performance advantages in medical diagnostics, environmental monitoring and scalable, low-cost production. The company will capture value by licensing, spinning out, and selling application specific technologies. For more information, please visit .

Source: Graphene Frontiers