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Textiles Nanotechnology Laboratory

Textiles Nanotechnology Laboratory

The main focus of the Hinestroza Research Group is to explore the interface between the technologically established and mature field of textile science and the emerging and revolutionary field of nanoscale science. The textile industry was the first beneficiary of the scientific developments from the 18th century's industrial revolution while nanoscale science and nanotechnology emerged at the end of the 21st century.

Our research group aims at merging two hundred years of innovation history. We believe that this unusual combination, between an established and an emerging scientific field, can provide unique scientific platforms that will leverage the time-tested manufacturing capabilities of textile and fiber processing with the ability of nanoscale science to probe phenomena and control the synthesis of materials at small scales.

Textiles Nanotechnology Laboratory
Cornell University
Department of Fiber Science & Apparel Design, 135 Human Ecology Building
37 Forest Home Drive
Ithaca, NY
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Juan Hinestroza