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HE3DA s.r.o.

HE3DA s.r.o.

HE3DA Ltd. is an innovator in applied research and commercialization of battery technologies. The company’s 3D technology and Li-battery production processes are based on three dimensional electrodes using lithium nano-materials (patented HE3DA® technology).

HE3DA® is a technological platform meeting all requirements for mass market application. HE3DA has developed an accumulator/battery with technical and economical parameters prepared for utilization in high capacity frequency stabilization and energy storage system for energy sector as well as other applications. Applications for the car industry will be ready to enter production by mid-2016.

Intensive work on the first fully automated production line for HE3DA batteries is ongoing. The production facility will be operational by the end of 2016. Discussions with potential customers and partners are also ongoing.

Mission and vision
Efficient energy storage is demanded in many areas of technological development. We believe that the results of our efforts offer a long term conceptual solution where such storage is required.

To supply the market with batteries which allow full utilization of the potential of renewable energy sources, safe and efficient operation of electricity distribution networks, as well as mass development of electric vehicles.

To enable efficient mass energy storage and rapid advancement of new technologies in the energy, automotive and other sectors. Attainable goals for HE3DA technology are accumulator capacities of 1 KWh per 1 Kg and 1 liter.

HE3DA s.r.o.
Beranových 130
199 05 Praha - Letňany
Czech republic
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+420 225 115 306