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Roll-to-Roll Electrophoretic Deposition of Hybrid Nanomaterials

Presented here is a method for assembling homogenous films of controllable thickness comprised of hybrid nanostructures on a roll-to-roll platform directly from solution. Using surfactant-free mixtures of nanoparticles, nanotubes, nanosheets, and any combination thereof, film fabrication may be achieved that maintains the chemical and physical properties inherit to the constituent material that is not limited by the presence of surfactants or impurities. Using this technique, researchers may demonstrate the viability of scalable production of a synthesized material.

Redex Nanolabs
Redex Nanolabs
E-53,south side industrial Area Ghaziabad, U.P 201001 INDIA

Redex Nano Labs is an independent and indigenous manufacturer of Multiwall Carbon Nano Tube (MWCNT), Graphene Oxide,Reduced Graphene Oxide & Graphene and the variant dispersions of MWCNT and Graphene with different functional groups. We are preparing MWCNT & Graphene through Chemical and CVD route with the purity >95% up to 99% (recommended). We are having our own Patent Pending Method for the production.
We are the only bulk manufacturer in India with the production capacity of 10-15 kg/day.