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AMF-Nano Corp
AMF-Nano Corp
320 Miller St Suite 140 Ann Arbor, MI 48103 USA

AMF-Nano Corporation is a young, innovative growth company that has developed patented wafer scale integration processes which will enable the design and manufacture of the next generation of large scale heterogeneous smart sensor systems in a robust, very reliable and cost-effective manner. The production methods the Company embraces utilize advanced microelectronic technologies to overcome and eliminate all the drawbacks found today in the traditional processes used for MEMs/CMOS integration.

Aneeve Nanotechnologies LLC
Aneeve Nanotechnologies LLC
570 Westwood Plaza Suite 6532 Building 114, MC 722710 Los Angeles, CA 90095-7277 USA

Aneeve Nanotechnologies is a startup company spun-out of UCLA and USC developing nano enabled “carbon” electronics to bridge the gap between emerging and traditional technologies. The company was founded in 2007 by supplying pristinely aligned carbon to Northrop Grumman for high performance RF device applications. Aneeve is currently based on campus at the UCLA Incubator within the new $175M California NanoSystems Institute building. Aneeve’s larger mission is to develop carbon electronics for emerging markets such as low power display and wireless mobile devices.

Haydale Ltd.
Haydale Ltd.
Clos Fferws, Parc Hendre, Capel Hendre Ammanford, Carmarthenshire SA18 3BL Wales

Haydale, a wholly owned subsidiary of Innovative Carbon Limited, is a global leader in facilitating the commercial application of graphenes.

Haydale’s patented “Split Plasma” technology is a scalable and environmentally friendly method of producing high quality graphenes. Haydale’s HDPlas™ graphenes are currently supplied to over 100 leading research institutions worldwide, and are finding commercial applications in inks, sensors, energy storage, photovoltaics, composites, paints and coatings.

Nano-Meta Technologies, Inc.
Nano-Meta Technologies, Inc.
1281 Win Hentschel Blvd West Lafayette, IN 47906 USA

Who We Are
- High-tech startup out of Purdue University
- Founded by university professors who are:
   - broadly published thought leaders in plasmonics, nanophotonics & metamaterials
   - authors of many patents, widely recognized by the scientific community
   - playing leadership roles at Purdue's Birck Nanotechnology Center (BNC)
- The Parent Company of Photonic Nano-Meta Technologies LLC (PNMT) - Russian Skolkovo-affiliated subsidiary

Luna Innovations
Luna Innovations
301 1st Street, SW Suite 200 Roanoke, VA 24011 USA

Who we are
We are scientists, engineers, and business professionals; driving breakthroughs in fields as diverse as aerospace, automotive, energy, defense, healthcare, and telecommunications.

We research, develop and commercialize innovative technologies:

Strain & temperature sensing
Test and measurement
Shape sensing

We conduct applied research for customers in our primary areas of focus:

Sensing and instrumentation
Advanced materials
Health sciences

Why it matters