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The National Nanomanufacturing Network Volume 3 Issue 11 - November 2010
The NNN Newsletter

National Nanotechnology Strategic Plan Providing Future Roadmap for Nanotechnology Innovations

NNI PortalThe federal government has recently posted two reports online to share with the stakeholders in the nanoscience community. The first report, titled "Nanotechnology Research Directions for Societal Needs in 2020 " or Nano2, is the international long-term view, providing a retrospective of the last ten years (2000-2010) and vision for the next ten years (2011-2020). It was prepared with input from leading experts from 35 countries representing the broader community of academic, industry, and government stakeholders, including the NNI. The complete report, slides and webcast are available on the report Web site.

Using the Nano2 Report as input, the NNI prepared a draft of its 3-year Strategic Plan (2011-2013), which includes strategies for US government agencies in the context of a sustainable, long-term nanotechnology roadmap. We encourage all members of the nanotechnology community to review the original Nano2 Report and offer further input and feedback on the draft NNI Strategic Plan, which is available through the NNI Strategy Portal.

Comments will be accepted until November 30.


Jeff Morse, Managing Director,
National Nanomanufacturing Network

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Solid-State Polymer Nanocomposite Electrodes for Flexible, Ultrathin Supercapacitors

Lee Figure 5Applications such as electric vehicles and renewable energy sources require the development of materials combining advantages of both battery and electrochemical capacitor device technologies. Carbon nanotubes (CNT) have gained widespread attention for a range of electrochemical energy storage and conversion device applications given their unique properties, including electrical conductivity, high surface area, and chemical and mechanical stability. Lee and colleagues investigated a new class of electrodes for energy storage devices facilitated by Li+ reactions with functional surface groups on the MWNT electrode structure. Combining this with a high surface area transition metal oxide lithium storage material at the opposing negative electrode, the authors have demonstrated unprecedented performance for energy storage device electrodes potentially impacting a range of hybrid applications. More....

R&D100 Editor Awards for Carbon Nanotubes Goes to Hyung Gyu Park and Colleagues at LLNL

Hyung Gyu ParkFor the second consecutive year, LLNL has won a coveted Editors Award at the annual R&D100 Awards presentation, sponsored by R&D Magazine. This year, the honor went to Hyung Gyu Park—an InterNano contributor—and Francesco Fornasiero, for their work developing nanostructured membranes for water purification. The technology has been licensed to Porifera, Inc. of Hayward. Only three Editors Awards are given out of the 100 awards. More....

NanoBusiness Alliance Interview with Lynn L. Bergeson

B&CThe NanoBusiness Alliance continues its interview series with Lynn L. Bergeson, Managing Director, Bergeson & Campbell, P.C. (B&C). Lynn is one of America's top EH&S practitioners and is the Chairman of the NanoBusiness Alliance's EHS Committee. B&C is a Washington, D.C. law firm concentrating on conventional and engineered nanoscale chemical, pesticide, and other specialty chemical product approval, regulation, litigation, and associated business issues. Ms. Bergeson counsels clients on a wide range of issues pertaining to chemical hazard, exposure and risk assessment, risk communication, and related legal and regulatory aspects of conventional and nanoscale chemical regulatory programs under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA), the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) regulation, and on issues pertinent to nanotechnology and other emerging transformative technologies. In this interview, Steve Waite speaks with Lynn about a wide range of issues related to nanotech Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS). More....

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