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Raith America, Inc.

Raith America, Inc.

Raith offers innovative instrument solutions for electron beam lithography, ion beam lithography, nano manipulation, electron beam induced deposition and etching.

Since two decades Raith instruments are extensively used within the nano fabrication and nano engineering community. Raith made conventional electron beam lithography accessible to a broad research community world wide.

With sub 10 nm linewidth guaranteed, Raith electron beam lithography systems provide state of the art performance.

As important part for the success, Raith is driving a continuous product and application innovation program: Beyond established nano lithography capabilities of electron beam or ion beam lithography systems, the core instruments are extended to versatile nano engineering solutions, that ideally suit the multi application oriented community.

Learn more about Raith stand alone instruments VOYAGER, RAITH150-TWO, e_LiNE plus, ionLiNE, and PIONEER and ELPHY, the sophisticated pattern generator soft- and hardware, extending your scanning electron microscope or focused ion beam with unmatched patterning and automation power.
Worldwide installation, training and service is available for any of Raith solutions. Personalized trainings, technology transfer and user networking form integral part of the value that Raith can add to your decision.
The Raith team worldwide and authorized representative network, would be happy to assist you with further information and consultation.

Raith America, Inc.
2805 Veterans Highway
Suite 23
Ronkonkoma, New York
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