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TERA-print, LLC
TERA-print, LLC
2145 Sheridan Rd, Room JG38 Evanston, IL 60208 USA

TERA-print, LLC is a nanotechnology start-up company founded in the fall of 2015 to pursue the unique commercial potential of cantilever-free scanning probe lithography (CF-SPL) technology, which was invented at Northwestern University (NU) and to which the Company has exclusive access. The Company has developed a suite of novel nanofabrication instruments that function as "desktop fabs" and provide researchers with the ability to rapidly prototype structures and devices with an unmatched combination of capabilities in terms of scalability, materials generality, and resolution.

(a) Scheme depicting the process for dry contact transfer of aligned SWNTs as described in the text. (b) SEM image of an upright patterned growth prior to transfer, and (c) picture showing a complete transfer to a 5 mm × 5 mm wide diamond window.
Aligned Carbon Nanotube Patterning Via Dry Contact Transfer Printing

The approach of transferring CNT thin films from one surface to another via a soft lithography technique suffers from limited ability to achieve good adhesion of the CNT films to the transferred substrate and imprecise alignment of the CNT patterns. A transfer technique  that can be scaled to large area with high throughput processing at low temperature is being reported in this paper, demonstrating a scalable means to create aligned CNT thin film patterns on both rigid and flexible substrates.