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Ammar Jangbarwala

Project Manager
Catalyx Nanotech Inc
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Ammar Jangbarwala
Catalyx Nanotech Inc
940-A E.Orangethorpe Ave
Anaheim, CA, 92801

Involvement in Alternative energy R&D projects for more than 2 years. Research Project management and development in the fields of nanotechnology, biogas, fuel cells & solar.

Professional Affiliations

2 patent applications pending for filing process Co-author on pending technical paper on nanotechnology Co-author on pending technical paper on water treatment technology

Tags: Supermolecular chemical assembly, Block copolymer chemical derivatives, Ceramic powder techniques, Electrochemical anodization, Nanoparticle sintering, Surfactant-assisted mesoporous material synthesis, Electrodeposition, Dip Coating, Electro-less deposition, Mechanical milling and sintering, Multilayer methods, Polymer-nanoparticle dispersion, Carbon nanotube synthesis, Kraft process, Pharmacological synthesis techniques, Milling, Nanoparticle spray coating, Nanofiber precipitation, Multilayer film processes, Polymeric, Structural, Thin films, Optical, Nanoelectronic circuits and architectures, Nanomotor/ nanoactuator, Nanopowders, Nanocrystals, Carbon nanotubes, Silicon nanotubes, Nanofibers, Silicon nanowires, Graphene, Education, Policy and Regulation