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Press Releases
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Rolith, Inc. Demonstrates Superior Performance of ITO-alternative Transparent Metal Grid Electrodes Fabricated Using Proprietary Nanolithography Technology Rolith, Inc. Aug. 2013 168
ANSI-NSP Launches Nanotechnology Standards Database American National Standards Institute Jul. 2013 150
NIST Use Anasys Nanoscale AFM-IR Imaging to Characterize Plasmonics Anasys Instruments Jul. 2013 114
Researchers Overcome Technical Hurdles in Quest for Inexpensive, Durable Electronics and Solar Cells University of Minnesota News Jul. 2013 86
Desktop Printing at the Nano Level: Northwestern Researchers Create State-of-the-art Desktop Nanofabrication Tool Erin White, Northwestern University Jul. 2013 342
Azaya Therapeutics Launches Parexo Labs, Offering Liposomal Manufacture And Nanotechnology Testing Services To Drug And Device Developers Azaya Therapeutics Jul. 2013 111
Nanoparticles, Made to Order — Inside and Out Anne Trafton, MIT News Office Jul. 2013 230
UMass Amherst Chemist to Bring Low-Cost, Inkjet-printed Nano Test Strips to Pakistan for Drinking Water Tests Janet Lathrop, UMass Amherst Jul. 2013 252
Beneq’s Industrial Thin Film Coating Services Shorten Time to Market Beneq Jun. 2013 140
New Product Features with Metallic Nanoparticles VTT Jun. 2013 75
Silicon-based Nanoparticles Could Make LEDs Cheaper, Greener to Produce Michelle Ma, University of Washington Jun. 2013 270
Now Accepting Input: 2013 NNI Strategic Planning Workshop NNI Jun. 2013 133
Fast or Superfast Water Transport? Peter Rüegg, ETH May. 2013 138
RTI's Nanomaterial Registry Seeks Partners on Data Analysis RTI International May. 2013 170
BNNT, LLC Builds Nanotube Factory in Newport News, Virginia BNNT May. 2013 130
Artificial Forest for Solar Water-Splitting Lynn Yarris, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory May. 2013 315
SRC, NIST Introduce Second Phase of Nanoelectronics Research Initiative with $5 Million in Annual Funding to Develop Post-CMOS Electronics Chad Boutin, NIST May. 2013 206
The Science of Digital Fabrication Tom Kalil and Philip Rubin, OSTP May. 2013 294
2D Organic Materials: World’s First Synthesis of Thiophene Nanosheets with 3.5nm Thickness National Institute for Materials Science May. 2013 270
Super-Nanotubes: 'Remarkable' Spray-on Coating Combines Carbon Nanotubes with Ceramic Laura Ost, NIST Apr. 2013 216
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