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NanoTechMap: The First Online Exhibition of Nanotechnology

Written by Thomas Dubouchet, NanoThinking
December 20, 2013

The French company NanoThinking announces the release of the NanoTechMap: it gives a comprehensive view of the industrial offer in the field of nanotechnology and provides more visibility to actors in this field for a very modest cost compare to standard exhibitions.

An online exhibition dedicated to nanotechnology
The industry of nanotechnology is growing fast but it is still much atomized which makes it difficult to access for other industrial sectors which are willing to integrate these technologies in order to develop new products and new uses. The NanoTechMap proposes a comprehensive catalogue of the nanotechnology opportunities and brings more visibility to actors in this field.

An interactive map to locate nanotech companies
The NanoTechMap allows all industries to find technological solutions in their immediate neighborhood as well as at the other side of the globe. The advantages: to facilitate the identification of clients and suppliers and to stimulate meetings for future partnerships.

The use of the NanoTechMap is intuitive, playful and it also has a cultural dimension since it is possible to compare nano performance of cities, regions or countries.

Up-to-date technical and business information
The profile of each company gathers up-to-date technical and business information as well as products catalogues, technical datasheets and pictures of products. In the near future, each company will have a dashboard to analyze its audience and to create targeted marketing campaigns towards qualified visitors.

An easy update of the visible information
Each company manages its profile on its own: in a few clicks, it is able to add information on its technology, its products and its business partners. It is also possible to upload products catalogues as well as datasheets. All this information is indexed by the search engine to give comprehensive results to visitors.

A large return for a moderate cost
For each company on the NanoTechMap, the cost of subscription is 300 euros per year. This cost is at least 10 times lower than the average cost of participation to a standard exhibition (subscription, transport, accommodation, posters...). Furthermore, the online exhibition is permanent.

A higher visibility compare to a corporate website
The visibility of each company on this shared web platform is far better to the one obtained with a standard corporate website.

The NanoTechMap is mostly intended for professionals: industrials, researchers, investors or institutions. But it is also worth of interest for lots of students who are attracted by the potential of growth of this innovative field.

For more information:
Thomas Dubouchet
Phone: +33676949160
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Last updated: December 20, 2013

DOI: 10.4053/pr856-131220

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