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Role of Nanomanufacturing in Wearable Sensor Technologies


The recent explosion of wearable consumer products for monitoring physiological information, such as heart rate or skin temperature, provides the promise for personalized medicine wherein an individual’s health status can be continuously evaluated...

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Tailoring Electrocatalytic Properties by Nanoengineered Bulk Metal Glass Surfaces

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Bulk metallic glasses (BMGs) are amorphous metallic alloys produced by melting and thermal quenching which exhibit desirable properties such as high strength and good formability (at reduced temperatures versus pure metals). As a result, these materials are ideal for patterning and controlling the morphology, with example applications in nanoimprint lithography molds, plastic-replacement components, and field emission devices...

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New NSF and NBC Learn video series shows off big discoveries from tiny particles

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Why are things so small, so significant? A new video series created by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and NBC Learn, the educational arm of NBCUniversal News, sheds light on this question.

"Nanotechnology: Super Small Science" is a six-part series and shows viewers how atoms and molecules that are thousands of times smaller than the width of a human hair can be used as building blocks to create future technology...

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Nanotechnology manufacturing could benefit from novel nanosheet growth technique

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After six years of painstaking effort, a group of University of Wisconsin-Madison materials scientists believe their breakthrough in growing tiny sheets of zinc oxide could have huge implications for the future of nanomaterial manufacturing—and in turn, on a host of electronic and biomedical devices...

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What is Nanomanufacturing?

Nanomanufacturing is the essential bridge between the discoveries of the nano sciences and real-world nanotechnology-enabled products.

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