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Xidex Corporation

Xidex Corporation

Xidex manufactures and sells the NanoBot® system, an easy-to-use, highly versatile, user programmable nanomanipulator featuring specialized end-effectors for nanodevice fabrication and testing inside scanning electron microscopes (SEMs) and focused ion beam (FIB) tools. Xidex's Parallel Gas Injection System (PGIS) is available for use with the NanoBot nanomanipulator.

Xidex's mission is to enhance the R&D productivity of nanoscientists and nanotechnologists in both industry and academia. The company offers best-in-class turnkey solutions to customers with well-defined requirements that are stable over time, and highly adaptable solutions to customers who need a system that can easily be augmented with additional plug-and-play nanopositioners and end-effectors as their needs evolve.

Xidex Corporation
8906 Wall Street
Suite 703
Austin, TX
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Dr. Paul F. McClure