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Masdar PV GmbH

Masdar PV GmbH

Over the course of the past few years, Masdar PV has laid down solid foundations which will enable the company to establish itself as one of the world’s leading providers of thin-film PV modules in the years to come. The main focuses of our future company development will be on open space solar parks, industrial roof installations and facade-based integrated photovoltaic systems. We will also use our headquarters in Ichtershausen as a base for continuing to strengthen our international activities in the field of sales in particular and to tap into new growth markets. Our high-tech plant in Ichtershausen acts as the hub of our operations and allows us to position ourselves as a powerful force able to compete at a global level.
Our high-tech solar modules carry the “Made in Germany” quality seal and are manufactured in accordance with the very latest technological standards. We secure the outstanding quality of our products via the bespoke adaptation and further development of our production line. This process includes such aspects as the introduction of a range of control systems.

Masdar PV modules win admirers by providing excellent energy yields even when their alignment is not quite optimal. This is due to their excellent temperature behaviour. That means that the modules deliver stable energy yields even at very high outdoor temperatures – with other technologies a substantial drop in energy is usually recorded under such conditions. In addition, our products deliver high performances even under low or diffuse incident light. As a result, these silicon-based thin-film PV modules can also be used on east or west-facing roofs. That makes the modules very well suited for mounting on façades, though of course the same applies to use in open-space and roof-based systems.

Design is another field in which we seek to set new standards and continually improve our products. Our thin-film modules, which are available in the sizes 1.4 m², 2.8 m² and 5.7 m², present an even optical appearance. We have also taken the conscious decision not to use rigid frames which could impact negatively on the overall aesthetic impression given by our products. We use instead a frameless glass/glass composite material which provides an extremely transparent front pane.

A further impressive feature of Masdar PV modules is the outstanding energy yields they produce, even in circumstances where they are not perfectly aligned. The reason for this is their excellent temperature response. This means that the modules are able to give off stable energy yields even when outside temperatures are extremely high. Other technologies mostly display a considerable reduction in energy generation under such conditions. In addition to this, our products deliver high performance levels when light irradiation is low or diffuse. This enables our silicon-based thin-film PV modules to be installed on East or West facing roofs as well as making them very well suited to facade installation. They are, of course, also suitable for deployment in open space and roof installations.

Together with our partners, we offer a broad range of installation versions and solutions. Our extensive product portfolio enables us to meet any specific requirements our customers may have and to work together with them to identify the optimum solution for their projects.

Investors are also attracted by the excellent cost-performance ratio offered by Masdar PV modules. This reduces connection costs, particularly in the case of the larger modules. The rapid, easy and secure way in which the solar modules can be processed also saves on installation costs. All of this makes silicon-based thin-film PV modules a low-cost alternative to crystalline modules.

Masdar PV GmbH
Wolff-Knippenberg-Str. 4
Ichtershausen, 99334
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