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MEMS and Nanotechnology Exchange

MEMS and Nanotechnology Exchange

The MNX provides comprehensive services that can help any organization in their device development efforts:

* MNX has the most diverse and comprehensive portfolio of processing capabilities in the world, which enables us to help you select the best suited process for any given application. We also have a number of novel processes that cannot be obtained from other fabrication service providers.
* MNX customers don't have to build their own fabrication facilities, which conservatively would save millions of dollars and a year or more off any development effort
* MNX engineers and scientists are the most experienced in the industry. Their assistance will save you time and money. And,
* Our web-based software system tracks, documents, and saves every important detail in process development and fabrication so that it can be used effectively for a rapid and inexpensive transition to production.

The MNX has more expertise and knowledge in device design and fabrication than anyone in the world. We can help save you time, money and frustration.

MEMS and Nanotechnology Exchange
1895 Preston White Drive
Suite 100
Reston, Virginia
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(703) 262-5368